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Residents in aged care facilities can now benefit from specialist geriatric telehealth services. The federal government supports initiatives that provide key clinical services using telehealth. The University of Queensland coordinates a service model that supports comprehensive geriatric telehealth assessments using video conferencing.

The Centre for Health Services Research (CHSR) - Ageing and Geriatric Medicine Program and the Centre for Online Health (COH) and  have tested the use of high definition mobile wireless video consultations between specialists and Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACFs), and have developed protocols to support geriatric care using telehealth.

RES-e-CARE provides regular geriatric consultations with participating RACFs, which are fully supported by purpose built video conferencing studios, high-quality electronic data systems and clinical support staff trained in telehealth. RES-e-CARE addresses the needs of geriatricians, RACF staff and general practitioners.

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